A bout

Hello from Netherland ♡♡♡♡♡



11 thoughts on “A bout

  1. Sorry for this moment I don’t have but I’m working on my video and written pattern. For free . I stopped because my daughter is sick unfortunately . But is very soon you will find it here.

  2. Hello Maysoondo,
    may you tell me, what kind of wool you choosed for this: “Fantastische haken” How strong was it? For what strength of needles? And how much wool do i need? They are so fantastic! I want to try the first one with one ring insight…..
    Have a nice day

  3. Hello Barbara
    Thank for your question
    The answer is a little bit difficult , but is about what size you prefer , all of them we use cotton . which number? is about your choice . for example if you want to make it for table then we are talking about nuber 2 -2,5 … yah if you want it bigger then 3 . needles 2 ..I prefer or 2,5 . This to make you what to make it tight if you’re professional you can control the tight. So for flor off course we have to shoose a bigger number also we use cotton. Dear Barbara the secret here is to shoose a good colors I mean the the combination of colors. When you finish your working in it I will give the last secret is how you make it flat. Good luck I really love crochet no I’m crazy with crochet 🙂 . Have a beautiful life 💖

  4. Thank you so much for your answer! Yes, i´d prefer it for table – just like the first one on this page. This seems to have a good size. I guessed it is size 2-3. Great. Now we´ll start shopping and i hope so much that i understand everything of how to do it. Can you give me an hint how much wool we need? I guess 100-200g per color?

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