Amigurumi Pattern – Ladybug Keychain –


Free Pattern: Amigurumi Pattern – Ladybug Keychain –


File can be downloaded from here PDF:

Amigurumi Pattern – Ladybug Keychain –




8 thoughts on “Amigurumi Pattern – Ladybug Keychain –

  1. I would very much like to know where you found the picture on the ring with the colorful ladybugs, because I would love to crochet them and the pattern you share is not of them. Even do it’s cute.

  2. Hi! Thanks a bunch for sharing this adorable pattern! I was wondering if I would be able to sell the ones I make if I give you credit. Thanks again! XD

  3. Hi lieve Leny,
    I will delete the foto asap . I just liked your work, i just fond it in Facebook langtime ago, or i can put your name next your work !
    My kind regards

  4. Leny, I have been looking for your pattern. I think it’s lovely!
    Is it possible to get hold of it somewhere?

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